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  • Meeting reservations are due by January 8, 2014.
  • Cancellations due to A.J. Singleton, (859) 231-3692 or aj.singleton@skofirm.com within 72 hours of the meeting as we are charged for all dinners ordered, including those of guests.
  • NEW Cost of Meal: $26 CHECKS ACCEPTABLE.
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Luke Harlow

Luke Harlow

Luke Harlow

“Religion, Civil War Emancipation, and the Making of Confederate Kentucky.”

Luke Harlow is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is the author of Religion, Race, and the Making of Confederate Kentucky, 1830–1880 (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming April 2014), which analyzes the meaning and legacy of the slavery debates in the era of the American Civil War. Harlow has published scholarly articles on Civil War-era Kentucky in Slavery and Abolition, Ohio Valley History, and the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society. He is also co-editor, with Mark Noll, of Religion and American Politics: From the Colonial Period to the Present (Oxford University Press, 2007). Harlow’s research has also been supported by fellowships from the Filson Historical Society and the Kentucky Historical Society. He earned his Ph.D. at Rice University, and also holds degrees from Wheaton College (M.A.) and Western Kentucky University (B.A.).

Camp nelson

Camp Nelson provided the Union Army with over 10,000 African-American soldiers, making it the third largest recruiting and training depot for African-Americans in the nation. Many of the black soldiers brought their families with them to Camp Nelson and eventually the army established a refugee camp for these individuals. Thousands of African-Americans came to Camp Nelson and it was here that they gained their freedom. In addition to the African-Americans, several regiments of white troops from Kentucky and Tennessee were formed at Camp Nelson and many others from the Midwest and New England spent a good deal of time at the Bluegrass base.

The families of the African-American soldiers attracted the attention of the American Missionary Association, an abolitionist society founded prior to the Civil War. Reverend John Fee, the founder of Berea College, came to Camp Nelson in 1864 to teach and minister to the refugees at Camp Nelson. His efforts eventually led to the founding of Ariel College and church and finally the settlement of Hall. Fee believed passionately in the equality of the races and he sought to educate the freedmen to become independent, self-reliant members of an integrated American society The refugee camp for the families of the African-American soldiers was located near the present day community of Hall, west of US 27. This was also the site of Ariel College.

The religious institutions in Kentucky in the Civil War era (particularly Centre College and Danville Theological seminary) as well as contraband camps (especially Camp Nelson) factor prominently in his book.

Upcoming Speakers for 2014

  • March 17, 2014 – To Be Determined
  • May 19, 2014 – To Be Determined

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Anderson

Currently our membership stands at 376. Our goal of 400 members is still attainable. If for some reason you missed paying your dues last year they are only $50.

We should finish 2013 in the black with stronger dues collections and lower expenses than 2012.

If you made reservations and were unable to attend a meeting and did not cancel within 72 hours of the meeting time please check to see if you still owe for the meal for which we had to guarantee payment.

Please bring a guest to our next meeting; our new member initiation fee is only $25.

Please remember the Round Table is an IRC 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization and your contributions and dues are tax deductible. Your contributions and dues will help to provide quality programs in the coming year.  Letters acknowledging 2013 contributions will go out in January.  Anyone wishing a copy of the annual or interim financial statements can request a copy by emailing your request to ceanderson@barcpa.com

President’ Corner

E-mails/Mailing Address – “FLASH” – If your e-mail address or your mailing address has changed, please advise us of the change by contacting Ollie Puckett at daveollie58@att.net. For example, your e-mail address may have changed because of a change of service provider like “insightbb” to “timewarnercable (TWC). We have had several returned Newsletters and Dues Statements due to “Undeliverable.” Please update your mailing information. Take a minute to e-mail, phone or mail us with any change.

Dues Reminder  As of January 1st, the dues are now $50. All Membership card will be mailed the last week of January or the first week of February.

Raffle – We will be raffling off two books, Gray Ghost by James A. Ramage and 1864 Lincoln at the Gates of History by KCWRT member, Charles Barcelen Flood. Cost of tickets will be 3 for $5.00.

Secretary’ Report

A.J. Singleton

At many of our recent meetings, we have encountered the problem of a large number of members sending RSVP cards late or calling to make meeting reservations after the RSVP deadline. There have also been a number of members (and their guests) showing up to meetings without making reservations. While such last minute additions are sometimes unavoidable and we try to accommodate them, they are becoming the norm and creating logistical problems. For planning purposes (i.e., for seating and food ordering), we must reverse this trend.

Starting with the January 2014 meeting, here are our reservation procedures: To be guaranteed a spot, all RSVP’s must be received at the KyCWRT Post Office Box by the Wednesday afternoon before the meeting (in this case, January 8th). This will ensure that the Campbell House will have enough seats and will have prepared enough meals for all who have RSVP’d. When I convey these numbers to the Campbell House, I will increase the attendance number RSVPs by 5% to allow for a small number of members and guests who did not RSVP by the Wednesday deadline. These extra spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis – first by those who contact me in advance of the meeting and then, if there are still additional spaces, by those members or guests who show up at the meeting without a reservation.

A couple quick points on making reservations:

  • If you call in or email a reservation, please provide your member number when doing so but please do not both call / email in your reservation and then also send in your card.
  • If you are bringing a guest, it is not necessary to identify who the guest will be; however, please be clear about how many people you are reserving for (i.e., if you are bringing two guests, please mark yourself as attending and mark down two guests).
  • This may sound strange, but if you send in a card, please mark whether or not you are attending. (We have sometimes received an RSVP card on which the member has not actually said whether he/she is attending.)

If you need to cancel a reservation, please contact me by phone ((859) 231-3692) or by email (aj.singleton@skofirm.com) no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Friday before the meeting (in this case, January 10th). If you have made a reservation and cannot make the meeting, but do not timely cancel, you will be charged $26 per reserved meal. This is because the Kentucky Civil War Round Table will be charged for the meal(s).

We hope that this outline of RSVP procedures will make meeting planning easier. If any member has any questions, comments or concerns about the RSVP procedures, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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