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Please Read the Secretary’s Report about New Meeting Room and Don’t Forget to Mail your RSVP Cards Early!


  • Meeting reservations are due byMay 14, 2014.
  • Cancellations due toA.J. Singleton, (859) 231-3692 or within 72 hours of the meeting as we are charged for all dinners ordered, including those of guests.
  • Cost of Meal: $26 CHECKS ACCEPTABLE.

Stephen M. “Sam” Hood

Stephen M. “Sam” Hood

Stephen M. “Sam” Hood

Speaking on The Lost Papers of Confederate General John Bell Hood.

Stephen M. “Sam” Hood is a graduate of Kentucky Military Institute, Marshall University (bachelor of arts, 1976), and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. A collateral descendent of General John Bell Hood, Sam is a retired industrial construction company owner, past member of the Board of Directors of the Blue Gray Education Society of Chatham, Virginia, and is a past president of the Board of Directors of Confederate Memorial Hall Foundation in New Orleans. Sam resides in his hometown of Huntington, West Virginia and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with his wife of thirty-five years, Martha, and is the proud father of two sons: Derek Hood of Lexington, Kentucky, and Taylor Hood of Barboursville, West Virginia.

Scholars hail the find of these papers as “the most important discovery in Civil War scholarship in the last half century.” The invaluable cache of Confederate General John Bell Hood’s personal papers includes wartime and postwar letters from comrades, subordinates, former enemies and friends, exhaustive medical reports relating to Hood’s two major wounds, and dozens of touching letters exchanged between Hood and his wife, Anna. This treasure trove of information is being made available for the first time for both professional and amateur Civil War historians in Stephen “Sam” Hood’s The Lost Papers of Confederate General John Bell Hood.

The historical community long believed General Hood’s papers were lost or destroyed, and numerous books and articles were written about him without the benefit of these invaluable documents. In fact, the papers were carefully held for generations by a succession of Hood’s descendants, and in the autumn of 2012 transcribed by collateral descendent Sam Hood as part of his research for his book John Bell Hood: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of a Confederate General (Savas Beatie, 2013.)

This collection offers more than 200 documents. While each is a valuable piece of history, some shed important light on some of the war’s lingering mysteries and controversies. For example, several letters from multiple Confederate officers may finally explain the Confederate failure to capture or destroy Schofield’s Union army at Spring Hill, Tennessee, on the night of November 29, 1864. Another letter by Lt. Gen. Stephen D. Lee goes a long way toward explaining Confederate Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne’s gallant but reckless conduct that resulted in his death at Franklin. Lee also lodges serious allegations against Confederate Maj. Gen. William Bate. While these and others offer a military perspective of Hood the general, the revealing letters between he and his beloved and devoted wife, Anna, help us better understand Hood the man and husband.

Historians and other writers have spent generations speculating about Hood’s motives, beliefs, and objectives, and the result has not always been flattering or even fully honest. Now, long-believed “lost” firsthand accounts previously unavailable offer insights into the character, personality, and military operations of John Bell Hood the general, husband, and father.

We are planning to have copies of Sam’s book available for purchase, by cash or check, at our May 2014 meeting.

Upcoming Speakers for 2014

Speakers To Be Determined

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Anderson

Currently our membership stands at 378. Our goal of 400 members is still attainable. If for some reason you missed paying your dues last year they are only $50.

We finished 2013 in the black with stronger dues collections and lower expenses than 2012.

If you made reservations and were unable to attend a meeting and did not cancel within 72 hours of the meeting time please check to see if you still owe for the meal for which we had to guarantee payment.

Please bring a guest to our next meeting; our new member initiation fee is only $25.

Please remember the Round Table is an IRC 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization and your contributions and dues are tax deductible. Your contributions and dues will help to provide quality programs in the coming year. Anyone wishing a copy of the annual or interim financial statements can request a copy by emailing your request to

President’s Corner

  • Retiring President – “I have appreciated my extended service to the Roundtable as Treasurer for 18 years and President for the last 7 years.”
  • E-mails/Mailing Address – “FLASH” – Once again if your e-mail address OR your mailing address has changed, please advise us of the change by contacting Ollie Puckett at   We have had several returned Newsletters and Dues Statements due to “Undeliverable.” Please take the time to update your mailing information with any change.
  • Board Meeting – The Board of Directors is soliciting names for members who would be willing to serve on the Board. The meeting is set for May 12 and any members who would like items considered by the Board should get their material to the Secretary prior to that date. The Board would solicit member input for upcoming speaker proposals for the Speaker’s Committee.
  • The BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG tour is set for October 15, 16, 17 and 18, 2014 and a description of the tour and a sign-up sheet are on the events page.  We are already at 50% capacity and seats are filling up fast.  Please complete the sign-up sheet and mail it with your payment to:  Witnessing History, LLC, P. O. Box 1208, Lexington, KY 40588-1208. Or, you can also sign up online at WWW.WITNESSINGHISTORYONLINE.COM.
  • Cemetery Tour – The Kentucky Civil War Round Table and Kent Masterson Brown will host the Annual Memorial Day Civil War Walking Tour of the Lexington Cemetery. The cost is only $20.00 per person, payable in advance (we cannot collect the fees at the cemetery) and all proceeds go to the Kentucky Civil War Round Table to enhance its programs. The tour will commence at 8:30 a.m. sharp behind the Henry Clay Memorial. The tour will include stops at the gravesites of all the notable military and political figures from the Civil War buried there.
  • Dues Reminder If you have paid your dues and have not received your card, please advise Ollie Puckett at When you pay your dues, you will receive your card.
  • RAFFLE – We will be selling raffle tickets for two different books. Tickets will be 3 for $5.00 and will be sold at the Reception Desk when you sign in. Drawing will be held at the meeting.

Secretary’s Report

A.J. Singleton

As some of you may know, the Campbell House is undergoing some significant renovations. We are excited about the possibility of having our September 2014 meeting in a newly renovated ballroom. Unfortunately, that also means that the ballroom where our meetings are typically held is unavailable for our May 2014 meeting. We will still be meeting at the Campbell House – just in a different location in the Campbell House. Therefore, I want to give you directions and to stress how critical it will be to get me your RSVP cards in early.

Directions to the Meeting: To get to the May 2014 meeting location within the Campbell House, you will enter the hotel through the “Bogart’s” entrance. For those unfamiliar with the “Bogart’s” entrance – if you are looking at the front of the Campbell House from Broadway – it is on the right side of the hotel, approximately two-thirds of the way down that right side of the hotel. The “Bogart’s” name is prominently displayed on the awning over the door and the stairs leading up to the hotel entrance. Once inside the door, proceed straight back through the hotel to the pool area. Our KYCWRT registration table will be “pool side.” There will be signs to assist you along the way.

The podium and the majority of the dinner seating will be in a room just off the “pool side” area. Overflow dinner tables will be placed in the “pool side” area. For the presentation, individual chairs front and center chairs will be available for any members and guests sitting for dinner in the overflow area.

Reservations: This one-time different set-up obviously will require a tremendous amount of cooperation among KCWRT members, guests and the Campbell House staff. Critical to that cooperation is prompt return of your RSVP cards and/or your promptly alerting me by phone (859-231-3692) or by email ( that you (and any guests) are planning to attend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. is the cut-off for May 2014 meeting reservations. If I do not have your reservation by then, you (and any of your guests) will not be guaranteed a spot. Especially under these circumstances – and I appreciate in advance your understanding as to why – there can be no exceptions.

If you plan to mail your RSVP card, but you are concerned it will not reach me by the Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. deadline, I suggest that you call me or email me with your reservation – but I ask that you please do not do both.

A couple quick points on making reservations:

  • If you call in or email a reservation, please provide your member number when doing so but, again, please do not both call / email in your reservation and then also send in your card.
  • If you are bringing a guest, it is not necessary to identify who the guest will be; however, please be clear about how many people you are reserving for (i.e., if you are bringing two guests, please mark yourself as attending and mark down two guests).
  • This may sound strange, but if you send in a card, please mark whether or not you are attending.  (We have sometimes received an RSVP card on which the member has not actually said whether he/she is attending.)

Finally, please do not mail your RSVP card on Tuesday, May 13 (or Wednesday, May 14 or even Thursday, May 15) and expect that the U.S. Postal Service will deliver it to me by the Wednesday deadline. If you are cutting it that close, I would strongly encourage you to simply call or email me your reservation.

Cancelling a Reservation: If you need to cancel a reservation, please contact me by phone ((859) 231-3692) or by email ( no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Friday before the meeting (in this case, March 14th).  If you have made a reservation and cannot make the meeting, but do not timely cancel, you will be charged $26 per person for having reserved a meal.  This is because the Kentucky Civil War Round Table will be charged for the meal(s).

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions about the May 2014 meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


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