• September 2016 — John Stempel — “The Gettysburg Cyclorama: A History and Guide”
  • November 2016 — James I. “Bud” Robertson
  • January 2017 — John Hoptak
  • March 2017 — Barton Myers
  • May 2017 — Dr. Jennifer Murray


  • September 2015 – Sue Boardman — “The Gettysburg Cyclorama: A History and Guide”
  • November 2015 — James I. “Bud” Robertson
  • January 2016 — Terrance (Terry) Winschel — “Shut Up As In A Trap: Citizens Under Siege”
  • March 2016 — Brian McKnight — “Contested Borderland: The Civil War in Appalachian Kentucky and Virginia”
  • May 2016 — Garry Aldeman —  “A Civil War Photography Extravaganza”


  • September 2014 –John Barr — “Loathing Lincoln”
  • November 2014 — James I. “Bud” Robertson — “Water: The Unknown Factor in the Civil War
  • January 2015 — Brig. Gen. Charles F. “Casey” Brower, IV (retired) — “Sophisticated Strategists: The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Defeat of Japan”
  • March 2015 — Brig. Gen. Jack Mountcastle (retired) — “Desperate Days–the Battles Around Petersburg, 1864-65”
  • May 2015 — Hon. Frank Williams, retired Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court — “Judging Lincoln as a Judge”


  • September 2013 – Kent Masterson Brown Movie Premier – “The Southern Cross: The Story of First Confederate Battle Flag”
  • November 2013 – James “Bud” Robertson – “What America Has Forgotten: 1846 – 1861”
  • January 2014 – Luke Harlow – “Religion, Civil War Emancipation, and the Making of Confederate Kentucky”
  • March 2014 – Gary Matthews – “Thomas Hines”
  • May 2014 — Stephen M. “Sam” Hood — “The Lost Papers of General John Bell Hood”


  • September 2012 – David Blight
  • November 2012 – James “Bud” Robertson
  • March 2013 – Kenneth Noe – “Reluctant Rebels Who Joined the Army After 1861”
  • May 2013 – Brian Steel Wills  – “General George Henry Thomas”


  • September 2011 – R. Owen Williams, Ph.D. – The Constitutional Consequences of the Civil War.
  • November 2011 – James I. “Bud” Robertson – The Untold Civil War: Exploring The Human side of War.
  • January 2012 – Charles Bracelen Flood – Grant’s Final Victory.
  • March 2012 – Kent M. Brown – Secession: The Constitutional Remedy That Brought About The Civil War.
  • May 2012 – William “Jack” Davis – The Monstrous Regiment of Women.


  • September 2010 – Kent M. Brown – The Civil War: Kentucky’s Mercurial Political Course.
  • November 2010 – James I. “Bud” Robertson – The Centelmial and the Sesquicentennial: Are They Compatible?
  • January 2011 – Allen R. Millet – Understanding Civil Wars: The American and Korean Experiences as Comparative History, 1850-1877 and 1945-1954.
  • March 2011 – Peter Cozzens – Cahaba: The Forgotten Prison.
  • May 2011 Anne E. Marshall – Censoring History: The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Campaign Against Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


  • September – Charles B. Flood “1864: Lincoln at the Gates of History”
  • November – Bud Robertson “Forgotten Elements of the Civil War”
  • January – John Stempel “George H. Thomas: Unsung Political-Military Star”
  • March – Charles Roland “A Slave Owner Looks at Slavery”
  • May – Jason Phillips “Understanding Diehard Rebels”


  • September – Jack Hurst “Grant, Forrest and Fort Donelson: The Unlikely Birthplace of Two Military Giants”
  • November – Bud Robertson “The Old Dominion; Battleground for a Nation”
  • January – Richard Taylor “Marcellus Jerome Clark—Sue Mundy”
  • March – Joseph Glathaar “General Lee’s Army: From Victory to Defeat”
  • May – Jerry Thompson “The Civil War and the Rio Grande Frontier”


  • September – – Edward M. Coffman “The American Military Experience in World War I”
  • November – James Klotter “The Breckinridges of Kentucky and the Brothers’ War”
  • January – Mark Wetherington “James W. Jackson, the first Martyr of the Confederacy”
  • March – Betty Gorin “The Battle of Tebbs Bend at Green River, July 4, 1863”
  • May – Jack Davis “Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief: How he Managed his Generals and his Military Establishment During the Civil War”


  • September – Gary Gallagher “A Great Civil War Watershed: The Seven Days Battles in Perspective.”
  • November – Bud Robertson “Virginia Prepares for War, April-July, 1861”
  • January – Gary Matthews “Basil Wilson Duke, CSA: The Right Man in the Right Place”
  • March – Kent Masterson Brown “Lee’s Retreat From Gettysburg”
  • May – Gregory J.W. Urwin “The Rise of George Armstrong Custer, 1861-1865”


  • September – John J. Rodrigue “Personalities and Politics in the Civil War Era: The Grant-Warmouth Dispute.”
  • November – Brian Steel Wills “The Life and Career of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest”
  • January – Steven Jay White “The Kentucky Shakers and the Civil War.”
  • March – Musical Performance by the Cumberlands
  • May – Charles Bracelen Flood “Grant and Sherman: The Friendship that Won the Civil War”


  • September – Peter Sehlinger “General William Preston of Kentucky, Diplomat and Soldier of Lost Causes.”
  • November – Bud Robertson “Lee and Jackson: Model Partnership.”
  • January – James Ramage “Ulysses S. Grant: The Rise and Fall of His Public Reputation.”
  • March – Charles F. Bryan, Jr. “Civil War Artist Robert K. Sneden”
  • May – Craig L. Symonds “Lincoln and his Admirals.”


  • September – Kenneth A. Hafendorfer “Wildcat.”
  • November – Bud Robertson “Stonewall Jackson and His Myths: A Losing Battle.”
  • January – Civil War Era Dance Performance by the Swan Salon Dancers
  • March – William C. “Jack” Davis “What Soldiers Ate.”
  • May – John David Smith “Black Confederates”


  • September – Charles P. Roland, “Johnny Reb, Billy Yank, and G.I. Charlie: An Analogy From Two Wars.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Why Men Enlisted in the Civil War.”
  • January – Kevin Graffagnino, “Rebels in Vermont” The St. Alban’s Raid.”
  • March – Nelson D. Lankford, “Richmond Burning: The Last Days of the Confederate Capital.”
  • May – Robert K. Krick, “Stonewall Jackson’s Books.”


  • September – William C. Davis, “The Last Days of the Confederate Government.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The First Terrorist: John Brown.”
  • January – Michael C.C. Adams, “When the Man Knows Death: The Civil War Poetry of Nathaniel Southgate Shaler.”
  • March – John C. Inscoe, “Fugitives, Bushwackers, and Unionists in Southern Appalachia’s Inner Civil war.”
  • May – “Craig Symonds, “Pat Cleburne and Command Leadership.”


  • September – Edwin H. Simmons, “The Korean War.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “A Man Called Lincoln.”
  • January – Marion B. Lucas, “The Burning of Columbia.”
  • March – Russell Weigley, “Gettysburg as a Mirror of the Armies.”
  • May – Charles P. Roland, “General Albert Sidney Johnston.”


  • September – Gary Gallagher, “The Image of Robert E. Lee.”
  • November – James I.”Bud” Robertson Jr., “Why the Civil War Still Lives.”
  • January – Joseph Glatthaar, “Black Soldiers in The Union Army.”
  • March – Carol Reardon, “Pickett’s Charge in History and Memory.”
  • May – James A. Ramage, “The Gray Ghost–Mosby.”


  • September – John A. Gable, “Theodore Roosevelt’s Crowded Hours'”
  • November – James I.”Bud” Robertson Jr., “Johnny Rebs and Billy Yanks–Uncommon Soldiers.”
  • January – Saxton’s Cornet Band, “More Civil War Music.”
  • March – John H. “Jack” DeBerry, “Kentuckians at ShIloh.”
  • May – Stephen L. Ritchie, “Confederate General Turner Asby.”


  • September – Gary Gallagher, “Guerrilla Warfare and the Confederacy.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “New Viewpoints on Stonewall Jackson.”
  • January – Warren Lambert, “The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky.”
  • March – Thomas A. Desjardin, “Joseph Chamberlain and the 20th Maine.”
  • May – Douglas L. Wilson, “Lincoln and the Kentucky Connection.”


  • September – Kenneth W. Noe, “Southern Boys in Blue: The Federal 9th Kentucky.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Women in the Civil war.”
  • January – Edward “Mac” Coffman, “The Most Dangerous Man Alive: Thomas Henry Hines.”
  • March – John M. Coski, “Putting Out Forrest Fires: The Adventures of the 32nd Wisconsin Infantry.”
  • May – George C. Herring Jr., “The Civil War as International History.”


  • September – Charles F. Bryan Jr., “Virginians in Blue.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Love Life in the Civil war.”
  • January – Steven E. Woodworth, “Chickamauga: Decision Point of an Indecision Campaign.”
  • March – Cullom Davis, “In Search of the Missing Lincoln.”
  • May – Gary Gallagher, “Stonewall Jackson.”


  • September – Gary Gallagher, “Two Shenandoah Valley Campaigns: Jackson’s and Early’s”
  • November – James I.”Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Civil War: Recreation, Refreshment, and Renewal.”
  • January – Kent Masterson Brown, “Perryville: Past and Present.”
  • March – James A. Ramage, “Rebel Raider and Gray Ghost: A Comparison of John Hunt Morgan and John S. Mosby.”
  • May – Charles F. Browder IV, “V-E Day, ,1945.”


  • September – Charles P. Roland, “The Generalship of Robert E. Lee.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson, “Civil War Prisons Reconsidered.”
  • January – Cancelled due to snow
  • March – Herman Hattaway, “Teaching the Civil War at West Point.”
  • May – William C. Davis, “Jefferson Davis as War Leader.”


  • September – Gary Gallagher, “John Bankhead Magruder and the Seven days.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Stonewall Jackson and his Biographers.”
  • January – Stephen D. Engle, “Don Carlos Buell and the Kentucky Campaign of 1862”
  • March – James C. Klotter, “Jefferson Davis: Beginnings and Endings of a Life.”
  • May – Joseph T. Glatthaar, “The Grant-Sherman Relationship.”


  • September – Richard McMurry, “The Gettysburg Decision.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Living Hell of Civil War Medicine.”
  • January – Nicky Hughes, “Fort Boone and the Civil War Defense of Frankfort.”
  • March – Frank A. O’Reilly, “This Feast of Death.”
  • May – Charles P. Roland, “Dwight David Eisenhower.”


  • September – Kenneth Hafendorfer, “Henry Clay King.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Lee at Appomattox.”
  • January – Thomas D. Clark, “From Cumberland Ford to the Wildcat: The Fight to Claim Kentucky.”
  • March – Lowell H. Harrison, “General John B. Gordon.”
  • May – Michael Parrish, “Richard Taylor: Soldier Prince of Dixie.”


  • September – Lowell Reidenbaugh, “Jackson’s Valley Campaign.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Robert E. Lee: Southerner and American.”
  • January – James A. Ramage, “John Hunt Morgan’s Raid in Indiana.”
  • March – Saxton’s Cornet Band, “Civil War Music.”
  • May – Gary Gallagher, “Jubal A. Early and the Myth of the Lost Cause.”


  • September – Robert H. Barrow, “Military Leadership: Reflections of a Marine.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Faith in War: Religion in Civil War Armies.”
  • January – William G. Piston, “James Longstreet: A Career in Controversy.”
  • March – Gary Gallagher, “The Unpublished Porter Alexander.”
  • May – John Y. Simon, “Grant as a Military Commander.”


  • September – Nat C. Hughes, “Confederate General William Hardee.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Stonewall Jackson: Cromwellian Confederate.”
  • January – Kent Masterson Brown, “Double Canister at Ten Yards.”
  • March – John G. Barrett, “VMI and the Civil War.”
  • May – Forrest C. Pogue, “George C. Marshall.”


  • September – Charles P. Roland, “A Citizen Soldier Remembers World War II.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Could the South Have Won the Civil War?”
  • January – Nicky Hughes, “Fighting for the Union: A View of Kentuckians in the Civil War.”
  • March – Larry J. Daniel, “Commoners in Gray: The Field Artillery of the Army of Tennessee.”
  • May – Ralph M. Mitchell, “The Handling of the Wounded in the Civil War.”


  • September – Robert K. Krick, “The Amazing Career of General William Barksdale.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Soldiers Blue and Gray.”
  • January – Jay Luvaas, “The Battle Behind the Signs.”
  • March – Lowell H. Harrison, “Seven Days in the Life of Stonewall Jackson.”
  • May – David Lee, “Sergeant Alvin C. York.”


  • September – Herman N. Hattaway, “How the North Won.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “General A. P. Hill: A Killing Gentleman.”
  • January – Michael C.C. Adams, “Our Masters the Rebels.”
  • March – James A. Ramage, “The Death of John Hunt Morgan.”
  • May – Kenneth A. Hafendorfer, “The Campaign for Kentucky.”


  • September – Richard J. Sommers, “Grant and Lee at Petersburg.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Legacies of the Civil War.”
  • January – James Lee McDonough, “Stones River.”
  • March – Dee Alexander Brown, “Galvanized Yankees.”
  • May – William C. Davis, “The Civil War Through the Eyes of the Camera.”


  • September – Benjamin Franklin Cooling, “The Forts Henry and Donelson Campaigns.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “A Man Called Lincoln.”
  • January – Grady McWhiney, “Attack and Die: Civil War Military Tactics.”
  • March – Richard M. McMurry, “John Bell Hood Becomes a Confederate General.”
  • May – Charles Bracelen Flood, “Lee–The Last Years.”


  • September – Lowell H. Harrison, “The Cruise of the C.S.S. Shenandoah.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The 1862 Valley Campaign.”
  • January – Kent Masterson Brown, “The Life of Johnny Reb–An Intimate View.”
  • March – William C. Davis, “The Orphan Brigade.”
  • May – Charles P. Roland, “Confederate Military Strategy and Leadership.”


  • September – Bill C. Malone, “Civil War Music.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Reminders of the War in Virginia.”
  • January – Thomas D. Clark, “The Trial of Jefferson Davis–Fact and Fancy.”
  • March – Philip P. Ardery, “Reminiscences of a Bomber Pilot.”
  • May – John G. Barrett, “Glory to Disrepute: Sherman in the Carolinas.”


  • September – Mark E. Neely Jr., “Fifty Years in the Lincoln Business.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr.,”Generals of the Confederacy.”
  • January – Harry Caudill, “The Civil War in Eastern Kentucky.”
  • March – John K. Lattimer, “The Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations Revisited.”
  • May – Van Deren Coke, “Photography in the Civil war.”


  • September – Bell Wiley, “Reminiscences of a Civil War Historian”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Virginia’s Contribution to the Confederacy”
  • January – William C. Davis, “The Lincoln Conspiracy”
  • March – Lowell H. Harrison, “Basil Duke, CSA”
  • May – Frank Vandiver, “John J. Pershing and the American Military Tradition”


  • September – James O. Breeden, “Rebel Medicine”
  • November – James I “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Can the Civil War Survive the Bicentennial?”
  • January – John G. Barrett, “Born A Yankee, Died a Rebel”
  • March – Grady McWhiney, “Bragg’s Kentucky Campaign”
  • May – Harry W. Pfanz, “Highlights of the Gettysburg Campaign”


  • September – John S. Pancake, “The Civil War: A Revolution That Failed”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Johnny Rebs and the Fairer Sex”
  • January – Robert K. Krick, “The Battle of Chancellorsville”
  • March – Lowell H. Harrison, “The Civil War in Kentucky: Some Persistent Questions”
  • May – Andrew Nelson, “Nathan Bedford Forrest”


  • September – E. B. “Pete” Long, “War on the Ocean’s Edge”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Confederate Chaplains: Holy Men or Hypocrites?”
  • January – Richard M. McMurry, “The Early Military Career of John Bell Hood”
  • March – Forrest C. Pogue, “General George C. Marshall’s Kentucky and Virginia Heritage”
  • May – Hugh F. Rankin, “Yankee Doodle: Soldier of the Revolution”


  • September – Robert G. Gunderson, “Half-Horse, Half-Alligator: The Humor of Davy Crockett”
  • November – John K. Lattimer, “Lincoln, Johnson, Seward, and the 1865 Conspirators”
  • January – Vincent P. DeSantis, “The Civil War: A View from the North”
  • March – Robert H. Reid, “The Closing Scene at Appomattox: Profiles in Character”
  • May – Bell Wiley, “Women of the Lost Cause”


  • September – Charles P. Roland, “The Generalship of Albert Sidney Johnston”
  • November – E. B. “Pete” Long, “The Last Six Months of the Armies in Virginia”
  • January – Frank L. Klement, “Sound and Fury: Dissent and Dissenters of Civil War Days”
  • March – Grady McWhiney, “Sex, Women, and the ‘Old Army’ Officers”
  • May – J. Lawton Collins, “The Breakout from the Normandy Bridgehead”


  • September – Edwin C. Bearss, “The Attacks on Vicksburg”
  • November – Harold L. Peterson, “The Tale of the Minie Ball”
  • January – Stephen Z. Starr, “Col. George St. Leger Grenfell–Guilty or Innocent?”
  • March – James I “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Virginia Soldier in the Civil War”
  • May – Archer Jones, “Davis and His Generals: Civil War Strategy and its Background”


  • September – John K. Lattimer, “A Comparison of the Fatal Woundings of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy”
  • November – “Pat” Jones, “Teddy Roosevelt and His Rough Riders”
  • January – Glyndon G. Van Deusen, “Horace Greeley, the Hawkish Dove”
  • March – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Shenandoah Valley Campaign”
  • May – R. Gerald McMurtry, “Commodore John Lorimer Worden, Commander of the Monitor”


  • September – Thomas L. Connelly, “Command Failure in the West: The Army of Tennessee, 1861-62”
  • November – Philip D. Jordan, “Bayonet, Bowie-Knife, and Bloody Jack”
  • January – Glyndon G. Van Deusen, “William Henry Seward, The Man, and the Wartime Diplomat”
  • March – Thomas D. Clark, “Shakertown During the Civil War”
  • May – T. Harry Williams, “A Yank at Oxford”


  • September – Bell Wiley, “The Irish in the Civil War”
  • November – Richard Current, “A Union Soldier in the Post-War South–Henry Clay Warmouth”
  • January – A.D. Kirwan, “The Code Duello”
  • March – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Digger O’Dells of the 1860s: Executioners and Embalmers”
  • May – Richard Dyer Mudd, “The Escape of John Wilkes Booth”


  • September – R. Gerald McMurtry, “The Women in Lincoln’s Life”
  • November – Stephen Z. Starr, “The Other Pickett–Col. John T. Pickett”
  • January – E. B. “Pete” Long, “The War Beyond the River”
  • March – John S. Ezell, “A War Between Strangers”
  • May – Harry M. Caudill, “The Civil War in Eastern Kentucky”


  • September – Robert Womack, “Nathan Bedford Forrest”
  • November – Virgil Carrington Jones, “The C.S.S. Shenandoah”
  • January – Gerald Capers, “Occupied New Orleans”
  • March – Harold L. Peterson, “Great Guns of the Civil War”
  • May – Archer Jones, “Confederate Military Leadership”


  • September – Charles L. “Pie” Dufour, “Gentle Tiger—The Gallant Life of Roberdeau Wheat”
  • November – E. B. “Pete” Long, “Reappraisal of the Mississippi Valley Campaign”
  • January – Harold L. Peterson, “Weapons of the Civil War,” with a display of Civil War weapons by H. H. Thomas of Lexington.
  • March – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Forgotten Civil War”
  • May – LeRoy H. Fischer, “Adam Gurowski, Radical Extraordinary”


  • September – Robert W. Waitt Jr., “Sin During the Civil War”
  • November – Bell Wiley, “The Confederacy High Brass”
  • January – Holman Hamilton, “The American Presidency and the Civil War”
  • March – R. Gerald McMurtry, “The Assassination of Lincoln”
  • May – Allen P. Julian, “The Chickamauga Campaign”


  • September – Virgil Carrington Jones, “The Civil War at Sea”
  • November – Hamilton Hawkins Howze, “The Battle of Chancellorsville”
  • January – Raymond E. Myer, “Gen. Zollicoffer”
  • March – R. Gerald McMurtry, “Abraham Lincoln”
  • May – Edward M. Coffman, “The Civil War Career of Capt. Thomas B. Hines”


  • September – Grady McWhiney, “Factors for Victory (What the Confederacy Might Have Done)”
  • November – Roy Franklin Nichols, “The Brothers’ War”
  • January – A. D. Kirwan, “John J. Crittenden”
  • March – Rembert W. Patrick, “The Evacuation and Occupation of Richmond, Virginia”
  • May – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Last War Between Gentlemen”


  • September – Ed Pierce, “How the South Won the War”
  • November – Robert D. Meade, “Robert E. Lee”
  • January – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Army of Tennessee”
  • March – Richard B. Harwell, “Confederate Pi Box”
  • May – Bell Wiley, “The Men Who Wore the Blue”


  • September – George A. Dondero, “Abraham Lincoln”
  • November – Frederick Tilberg, “Command Decisions at Gettysburg”
  • January – H. H. Cunningham, “Medicine in the Confederacy, or Doctors in Gray”
  • March – Robert W. Johannsen, “The Eve of Conflict: Stephen A. Douglas and the Civil War”
  • May – John P. Dyer, “Confederate Calvary Action in the West”


  • September – Virgil Carrington Jones, “Eight Hours Before Richmond”
  • November – George L. Cashmore, “Shiloh”
  • January – Gilbert E. Govan, “A Confederate War Miscelany”
  • March – Gerald Capers, “The Fall and Occupation of Memphis and of New Orleans”
  • May – John C. Pemberton, “Gen. Pemberton and the Vicksburg Campaign”


  • September – R. Gerald McMurtry, “Confederate Gen. Ben Hardin Helm: Brother-in-Law of Abraham Lincoln”
  • November – Richard Nelson Current, “The Lincoln Nobody Knows”
  • January – Samuel Gurnsey Kelly, “The Red River Expedition”
  • March – William Best Hesseltine, “Andersonville”
  • May – Hudson Strode, “Discovering the Real Jefferson Davis: An Appraisal on His 150th Birthday”


  • September – Allen P. Julian, “The Atlanta Campaign”
  • November – Virgil Carrington Jones, “Grey Ghosts and Rebel Raiders”
  • January – A.D. Kirwan, “The Orphan Brigade”
  • March – George A. Dondero, “Mrs. Lincoln’s Influence on the President”
  • May – Bell I. Wiley, “Dear Folks: Home Letters of Johnny Reb and Billy Yank”


  • September – Charles P. Roland, “Albert Sidney Johnston, General of the Confederacy”
  • November – Allan Nevins, “The American s Fighter, 1861-1865: An Honest Estimate”
  • January – Frank Vandiver, “Stonewall Jackson’s Florida Campaign”
  • March – Alfred Leland Crabb, “The Twilight of the Nashville Gods”
  • May – Claude G. Bowers, “The Aftermath of the Civil War”


  • September – T. Harry Williams, “Life of Confederate General Pierre G.T. Beauregard”
  • November – Bruce Catton, “Phil Sheridan and the Battle of Five Forks”
  • January – Robert B. Browne, “Morgan’s Escape”
  • March – Clement Eaton, “Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Army”
  • May – Edgar DeWitte Jones. “The Gray Knight of the Confederacy”


  • January – Robert Lee Kincaid, “Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed”
  • March – Robert S. Henry,“General Nathan Bedford Forrest”
  • May – Bell I. Wiley, “Life of the Common Soldier—Union and Confederate”