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  • September – George A. Dondero, “Abraham Lincoln”
  • November – Frederick Tilberg, “Command Decisions at Gettysburg”
  • January – H. H. Cunningham, “Medicine in the Confederacy, or Doctors in Gray”
  • March – Robert W. Johannsen, “The Eve of Conflict: Stephen A. Douglas and the Civil War”
  • May – John P. Dyer, “Confederate Calvary Action in the West”
  • September – Virgil Carrington Jones, “Eight Hours Before Richmond”
  • November – George L. Cashmore, “Shiloh”
  • January – Gilbert E. Govan, “A Confederate War Miscelany”
  • March – Gerald Capers, “The Fall and Occupation of Memphis and of New Orleans”
  • May – John C. Pemberton, “Gen. Pemberton and the Vicksburg Campaign”
  • September – R. Gerald McMurtry, “Confederate Gen. Ben Hardin Helm: Brother-in-Law of Abraham Lincoln”
  • November – Richard Nelson Current, “The Lincoln Nobody Knows”
  • January – Samuel Gurnsey Kelly, “The Red River Expedition”
  • March – William Best Hesseltine, “Andersonville”
  • May – Hudson Strode, “Discovering the Real Jefferson Davis: An Appraisal on His 150th Birthday”
  • September – Allen P. Julian, “The Atlanta Campaign”
  • November – Virgil Carrington Jones, “Grey Ghosts and Rebel Raiders”
  • January – A.D. Kirwan, “The Orphan Brigade”
  • March – George A. Dondero, “Mrs. Lincoln’s Influence on the President”
  • May – Bell I. Wiley, “Dear Folks: Home Letters of Johnny Reb and Billy Yank”
  • September – Charles P. Roland, “Albert Sidney Johnston, General of the Confederacy”
  • November – Allan Nevins, “The American s Fighter, 1861-1865: An Honest Estimate”
  • January – Frank Vandiver, “Stonewall Jackson’s Florida Campaign”
  • March – Alfred Leland Crabb, “The Twilight of the Nashville Gods”
  • May – Claude G. Bowers, “The Aftermath of the Civil War”
  • September – T. Harry Williams, “Life of Confederate General Pierre G.T. Beauregard”
  • November – Bruce Catton, “Phil Sheridan and the Battle of Five Forks”
  • January – Robert B. Browne, “Morgan’s Escape”
  • March – Clement Eaton, “Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Army”
  • May – Edgar DeWitte Jones. “The Gray Knight of the Confederacy”
  • January – Robert Lee Kincaid, “Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed”
  • March – Robert S. Henry,“General Nathan Bedford Forrest”
  • May – Bell I. Wiley, “Life of the Common Soldier—Union and Confederate”