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  • September – John K. Lattimer, “A Comparison of the Fatal Woundings of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy”
  • November – “Pat” Jones, “Teddy Roosevelt and His Rough Riders”
  • January – Glyndon G. Van Deusen, “Horace Greeley, the Hawkish Dove”
  • March – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Shenandoah Valley Campaign”
  • May – R. Gerald McMurtry, “Commodore John Lorimer Worden, Commander of the Monitor”
  • September – Thomas L. Connelly, “Command Failure in the West: The Army of Tennessee, 1861-62”
  • November – Philip D. Jordan, “Bayonet, Bowie-Knife, and Bloody Jack”
  • January – Glyndon G. Van Deusen, “William Henry Seward, The Man, and the Wartime Diplomat”
  • March – Thomas D. Clark, “Shakertown During the Civil War”
  • May – T. Harry Williams, “A Yank at Oxford”
  • September – Bell Wiley, “The Irish in the Civil War”
  • November – Richard Current, “A Union Soldier in the Post-War South–Henry Clay Warmouth”
  • January – A.D. Kirwan, “The Code Duello”
  • March – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Digger O’Dells of the 1860s: Executioners and Embalmers”
  • May – Richard Dyer Mudd, “The Escape of John Wilkes Booth”
  • September – R. Gerald McMurtry, “The Women in Lincoln’s Life”
  • November – Stephen Z. Starr, “The Other Pickett–Col. John T. Pickett”
  • January – E. B. “Pete” Long, “The War Beyond the River”
  • March – John S. Ezell, “A War Between Strangers”
  • May – Harry M. Caudill, “The Civil War in Eastern Kentucky”
  • September – Robert Womack, “Nathan Bedford Forrest”
  • November – Virgil Carrington Jones, “The C.S.S. Shenandoah”
  • January – Gerald Capers, “Occupied New Orleans”
  • March – Harold L. Peterson, “Great Guns of the Civil War”
  • May – Archer Jones, “Confederate Military Leadership”
  • September – Charles L. “Pie” Dufour, “Gentle Tiger—The Gallant Life of Roberdeau Wheat”
  • November – E. B. “Pete” Long, “Reappraisal of the Mississippi Valley Campaign”
  • January – Harold L. Peterson, “Weapons of the Civil War,” with a display of Civil War weapons by H. H. Thomas of Lexington.
  • March – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Forgotten Civil War”
  • May – LeRoy H. Fischer, “Adam Gurowski, Radical Extraordinary”
  • September – Robert W. Waitt Jr., “Sin During the Civil War”
  • November – Bell Wiley, “The Confederacy High Brass”
  • January – Holman Hamilton, “The American Presidency and the Civil War”
  • March – R. Gerald McMurtry, “The Assassination of Lincoln”
  • May – Allen P. Julian, “The Chickamauga Campaign”
  • September – Virgil Carrington Jones, “The Civil War at Sea”
  • November – Hamilton Hawkins Howze, “The Battle of Chancellorsville”
  • January – Raymond E. Myer, “Gen. Zollicoffer”
  • March – R. Gerald McMurtry, “Abraham Lincoln”
  • May – Edward M. Coffman, “The Civil War Career of Capt. Thomas B. Hines”
  • September – Grady McWhiney, “Factors for Victory (What the Confederacy Might Have Done)”
  • November – Roy Franklin Nichols, “The Brothers’ War”
  • January – A. D. Kirwan, “John J. Crittenden”
  • March – Rembert W. Patrick, “The Evacuation and Occupation of Richmond, Virginia”
  • May – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Last War Between Gentlemen”
  • September – Ed Pierce, “How the South Won the War”
  • November – Robert D. Meade, “Robert E. Lee”
  • January – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Army of Tennessee”
  • March – Richard B. Harwell, “Confederate Pi Box”
  • May – Bell Wiley, “The Men Who Wore the Blue”