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  • September – Mark E. Neely Jr., “Fifty Years in the Lincoln Business.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr.,”Generals of the Confederacy.”
  • January – Harry Caudill, “The Civil War in Eastern Kentucky.”
  • March – John K. Lattimer, “The Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations Revisited.”
  • May – Van Deren Coke, “Photography in the Civil war.”
  • September – Bell Wiley, “Reminiscences of a Civil War Historian”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Virginia’s Contribution to the Confederacy”
  • January – William C. Davis, “The Lincoln Conspiracy”
  • March – Lowell H. Harrison, “Basil Duke, CSA”
  • May – Frank Vandiver, “John J. Pershing and the American Military Tradition”
  • September – James O. Breeden, “Rebel Medicine”
  • November – James I “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Can the Civil War Survive the Bicentennial?”
  • January – John G. Barrett, “Born A Yankee, Died a Rebel”
  • March – Grady McWhiney, “Bragg’s Kentucky Campaign”
  • May – Harry W. Pfanz, “Highlights of the Gettysburg Campaign”
  • September – John S. Pancake, “The Civil War: A Revolution That Failed”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Johnny Rebs and the Fairer Sex”
  • January – Robert K. Krick, “The Battle of Chancellorsville”
  • March – Lowell H. Harrison, “The Civil War in Kentucky: Some Persistent Questions”
  • May – Andrew Nelson, “Nathan Bedford Forrest”
  • September – E. B. “Pete” Long, “War on the Ocean’s Edge”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Confederate Chaplains: Holy Men or Hypocrites?”
  • January – Richard M. McMurry, “The Early Military Career of John Bell Hood”
  • March – Forrest C. Pogue, “General George C. Marshall’s Kentucky and Virginia Heritage”
  • May – Hugh F. Rankin, “Yankee Doodle: Soldier of the Revolution”
  • September – Robert G. Gunderson, “Half-Horse, Half-Alligator: The Humor of Davy Crockett”
  • November – John K. Lattimer, “Lincoln, Johnson, Seward, and the 1865 Conspirators”
  • January – Vincent P. DeSantis, “The Civil War: A View from the North”
  • March – Robert H. Reid, “The Closing Scene at Appomattox: Profiles in Character”
  • May – Bell Wiley, “Women of the Lost Cause”
  • September – Charles P. Roland, “The Generalship of Albert Sidney Johnston”
  • November – E. B. “Pete” Long, “The Last Six Months of the Armies in Virginia”
  • January – Frank L. Klement, “Sound and Fury: Dissent and Dissenters of Civil War Days”
  • March – Grady McWhiney, “Sex, Women, and the ‘Old Army’ Officers”
  • May – J. Lawton Collins, “The Breakout from the Normandy Bridgehead”
  • September – Edwin C. Bearss, “The Attacks on Vicksburg”
  • November – Harold L. Peterson, “The Tale of the Minie Ball”
  • January – Stephen Z. Starr, “Col. George St. Leger Grenfell–Guilty or Innocent?”
  • March – James I “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The Virginia Soldier in the Civil War”
  • May – Archer Jones, “Davis and His Generals: Civil War Strategy and its Background”