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  • September – Charles B. Flood “1864: Lincoln at the Gates of History”
  • November – Bud Robertson “Forgotten Elements of the Civil War”
  • January – John Stempel “George H. Thomas: Unsung Political-Military Star”
  • March – Charles Roland “A Slave Owner Looks at Slavery”
  • May – Jason Phillips “Understanding Diehard Rebels”
  • September – Jack Hurst “Grant, Forrest and Fort Donelson: The Unlikely Birthplace of Two Military Giants”
  • November – Bud Robertson “The Old Dominion; Battleground for a Nation”
  • January – Richard Taylor “Marcellus Jerome Clark—Sue Mundy”
  • March – Joseph Glathaar “General Lee’s Army: From Victory to Defeat”
  • May – Jerry Thompson “The Civil War and the Rio Grande Frontier”
  • September – – Edward M. Coffman “The American Military Experience in World War I”
  • November – James Klotter “The Breckinridges of Kentucky and the Brothers’ War”
  • January – Mark Wetherington “James W. Jackson, the first Martyr of the Confederacy”
  • March – Betty Gorin “The Battle of Tebbs Bend at Green River, July 4, 1863”
  • May – Jack Davis “Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief: How he Managed his Generals and his Military Establishment During the Civil War”
  • September – Gary Gallagher “A Great Civil War Watershed: The Seven Days Battles in Perspective.”
  • November – Bud Robertson “Virginia Prepares for War, April-July, 1861”
  • January – Gary Matthews “Basil Wilson Duke, CSA: The Right Man in the Right Place”
  • March – Kent Masterson Brown “Lee’s Retreat From Gettysburg”
  • May – Gregory J.W. Urwin “The Rise of George Armstrong Custer, 1861-1865”
  • September – John J. Rodrigue “Personalities and Politics in the Civil War Era: The Grant-Warmouth Dispute.”
  • November – Brian Steel Wills “The Life and Career of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest”
  • January – Steven Jay White “The Kentucky Shakers and the Civil War.”
  • March – Musical Performance by the Cumberlands
  • May – Charles Bracelen Flood “Grant and Sherman: The Friendship that Won the Civil War”
  • September – Peter Sehlinger “General William Preston of Kentucky, Diplomat and Soldier of Lost Causes.”
  • November – Bud Robertson “Lee and Jackson: Model Partnership.”
  • January – James Ramage “Ulysses S. Grant: The Rise and Fall of His Public Reputation.”
  • March – Charles F. Bryan, Jr. “Civil War Artist Robert K. Sneden”
  • May – Craig L. Symonds “Lincoln and his Admirals.”
  • September – Kenneth A. Hafendorfer “Wildcat.”
  • November – Bud Robertson “Stonewall Jackson and His Myths: A Losing Battle.”
  • January – Civil War Era Dance Performance by the Swan Salon Dancers
  • March – William C. “Jack” Davis “What Soldiers Ate.”
  • May – John David Smith “Black Confederates”
  • September – Charles P. Roland, “Johnny Reb, Billy Yank, and G.I. Charlie: An Analogy From Two Wars.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “Why Men Enlisted in the Civil War.”
  • January – Kevin Graffagnino, “Rebels in Vermont” The St. Alban’s Raid.”
  • March – Nelson D. Lankford, “Richmond Burning: The Last Days of the Confederate Capital.”
  • May – Robert K. Krick, “Stonewall Jackson’s Books.”
  • September – William C. Davis, “The Last Days of the Confederate Government.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “The First Terrorist: John Brown.”
  • January – Michael C.C. Adams, “When the Man Knows Death: The Civil War Poetry of Nathaniel Southgate Shaler.”
  • March – John C. Inscoe, “Fugitives, Bushwackers, and Unionists in Southern Appalachia’s Inner Civil war.”
  • May – “Craig Symonds, “Pat Cleburne and Command Leadership.”
  • September – Edwin H. Simmons, “The Korean War.”
  • November – James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., “A Man Called Lincoln.”
  • January – Marion B. Lucas, “The Burning of Columbia.”
  • March – Russell Weigley, “Gettysburg as a Mirror of the Armies.”
  • May – Charles P. Roland, “General Albert Sidney Johnston.”