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Over a half-century old, and apparently the largest such organization in the United States, the Kentucky Civil War Round Table is dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of that conflict and the stories of those who fought in it. Among the founders of the KYCWRT are: (left to right seated) Clement Eaton, Thomas D. Clark, J. Winston Coleman (left to right standing) A. D. Kirwan, Holman Hamilton, Hambleton Tapp.


Meetings include dinner (each member pays for his or her own meal) and the opportunity for fellowship with like-minded individuals who understand the importance of preserving and learning from our great nation’s history. 

Our speakers are all nationally-known scholars and published authors in the field of Civil War history.  Because we always draw very large crowds, we have become a nationally-recognized venue for the most noted and popular speakers in America.  Members look forward to meeting and hearing the speakers, as well as enjoying the company of old and new friends, and that is the most delightful part of roundtable membership.  We hope you will join us.


2023-2024 SPEAKERS


The Civil War was our nation’s most cataclysmic event.  Over one million lives were lost and one region of our country was in ruins at its conclusion.  Yet, in the end, four million people were freed from bondage and the nation was reunited, becoming the greatest on earth. 

To preserve the memory of those who served during the Civil War – and the memory of each of our own ancestors who fought in that conflict – is the goal of the Kentucky Civil War Roundtable.  Their memory is preserved through speeches of nationally-recognized scholars and authors and through the special events, such as tours of sites of historical significance offered by the roundtable.